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  • I enjoy working together with my child to prepare for the Mini-Market Fair. It was a great bonding session for me and my child.     Parent of Puah Juin Chuen, 10 Years Old

  • My daughter loved the class and excitedly shares with me about the activities played in class like the "Barter Trade". For my daughter, every day at the JOE Bootcamp was exciting and fun!     Parent of Maya, 9 Years Old

  • I like how JOE taught my child how to constantly think out of the box, how to create new value, and how to be unique.       Parent of Nurul Atiqah, 11 Years Old

  • I really liked the activities that were played throughout the programme and also the Mini-Market Fair as I got to apply what I learned before.                               Putra Rasydan, 10 Years Old

  • Jesslyn Gunadi, 11 Years Old

  • Kelly Shin, 11 years Old

  • Jolyne Gunadi, 10 Years Old

  • I love all the activities as they are fun and exciting. I enjoyed making friends!     Ramzi Amani, 10 Years Old